Top tips for selling your home in the winter

16 12 2016

Winter is here, although it’s a very mild one this year . We don’t know about you, but we think there is nothing better than getting cosy in your nice, warm
home whilst watching the rain fall outside. We’ve put together 5 top tips for getting
your home ready to sell this winter to make sure your on-trend home sells in no

1. Rake it up
If you’ve got big trees in your garden, particularly in the front of your house,  and you still have lots of leaves in the garden. Make sure you actively rake the leaves up as a combination of fallen leaves and rain
makes for a very slippery pathway up to your home, a prospective buyer slipping over doesn’t make for the best first impression!
2. Make it home
A cold, stark house won’t inspire many buyers in the winter, a cosy, homely property will make viewers
picture themselves in the house, the best way to sell a home is by making it look lived in. If you’ve got a wood burner or fire, consider lighting it, it adds a nice talking point to show that it is a working fire, and will
also help to warm the house, make sure that when lighting it, it doesn’t make the property feel too hot or stuffy.

3. Lights!
A definite downside to winter is the dark nights, with evenings drawing in earlier, prospective buyers may be viewing the property in the dark. Make sure that if you’ve got outside lights or a porch light, you have turned them on and that the house number or name is also visible to make the property easier to find. It is also worth considering buying some small solar powered lights to light along your footpath, especially if there are any steps or uneven paving. Inside the property, it is worth drawing the curtains and turning on some soft lighting, keeping curtains shut will help make the property feel warmer.

4. Air it out
If you live in an older property, damp can start to become an issue this time of year, it might be worth looking
at investing in a dehumidifier to extract any damp from the property to help remove musty smells, however,
it is worth noting that if you have a serious damp problem, you should consult an expert to have it looked into, your property may need new ventilation to help air it out.
5. A lick of paint
This tip applies for all seasons, if you are looking to sell your property you need to step back and take an unbiased look, does it need a lick of paint to bring it up to scratch, are all of your carpets and flooring’s in good condition? If the answer is no then it is time to update the property, it may seem like you’re wasting your money spending out before a move, in fact, you will actually be helping your asking price by making small upgrades which mean in the long run you could be the winner.
Your Belvoir Stoke property expert can give you all the advice you need to make sure your property is ready to be sold at any time of the year. Click here to contact the Belvoir Stoke sales office or pop in and meet the team!




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