Twenty ways that a reputable lettings agent works on behalf of tenants…

20 08 2014

  1. Reputable agents will check that properties are of a good standard for tenants and advise landlords of any work that needs to be undertaken prior to renting.
  2. A good agent will refuse to market a rental property that is not up to standard.
  3. Agents help to keep tenants safe by checking that any furnishings or white goods in a rental property meet current health and safety standards.
  4. Further safety issues include ensuring that relevant gas and electrical safety checks are carried out and certificates are issued.
  5. Property details issued by a reputable agent should be factually correct and not misleading.
  6. When an agent compiles a comprehensive inventory with detailed photographs it helps to protect the tenant and landlord from end of tenancy disputes.
  7. A lettings agent will safely accompany tenants on viewings.
  8. A good agent will do their best to match tenants to their ideal property, encouraging them to view it as long-term accommodation and care for it accordingly.
  9.  Professional lettings agents draw up a legally binding tenancy agreement to protect landlord and tenant.
  10.  A reputable agent will safeguard a tenant’s deposit by ensuring these are protected in a government-backed tenancy deposit protection (TDP) scheme. An assessment of the property will be undertaken at the end of the tenancy and a fair decision will be made regarding the return of the deposit. Belvoir is a founding member of SAFE Agent (,
  11.  Property maintenance is a big issue with tenants, and an agent can ensure any problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  12.  Calls, emails and queries from tenants can come at any time of the night and day and a lettings agent or a member of staff will deal will them. If a landlord is away on holiday, who will look after the tenant?
  13.  An agent will maintain spare sets of keys for rental properties and deal with any emergencies should a tenant be unable to access the property.
  14.  Agents undertake regular property checks and report any tenant concerns back to the landlord. Some landlords fail to understand what they are responsible for and will try to charge tenants – an agent will ensure that a tenant is not wrongly charged.
  15.  An agent will understand the concept of fair wear and tear and advise tenants and landlords of any issues that need to be dealt with during or at the end of a tenancy.
  16.  A reputable agent can provide office premises that a tenant is able to visit during office hours, and in many cases they will also provide an emergency out-of-hours service.
  17.  An agent will build a database of expert local tradesmen who can deal with maintenance issues promptly, efficiently and at competitive rates. Because an agent deals with multiple properties a tradesman is more likely to act quickly to deal with any issues that a tenant has.
  18.  Renting through a lettings agent provides tenants with redress via the Property Ombudsman should any complaints be unresolved regarding issues such as non-return of deposits.
  19.  A reputable agent will ensure that landlords remain legally compliant and protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords.
  20.  An agent will spend time conducting end of tenancy inspections and provide tenants and landlords with a detailed written report.



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