With Lettings there is never a dull moment….

15 07 2013

Hello from an extremely hot and sunny Stoke-on-Trent 🙂

We can never say that Lettings doesn’t come with it’s interesting side as Landlord Action recently found out. Here are a couple of their strangest dealings this month:

Strange goings on.
We recently acted on behalf of a Landlord whose tenant had run up four months of rent arrears. The case went to court and it emerged that the tenant refused to pay because she said the property was haunted! You’ll be pleased to know this did not stand up in the court of law and therefore possession was regained for the Landlord.

Hammer attack.
Matters of the heart can be a little more difficult to deal with! We received a call from a Landlord who has an ex-girlfriend as a tenant. Rent arrears are now nearly £5k!!. The Landlord didn’t want to evict her so a few days ago they met over drinks to see if they could work something out.
Unfortunately they became intimate and the tenant wanted the Landlord to stay the night but he didn’t want too. The tenant became aggressive and locked the door. The Landlord then tried to climb out of a window but the tenant grabbed him and started hitting him with a hammer! The Landlord managed to run out of the house and into his car but the tenant ran out, in just her underwear, and barred the car’s path. The Landlord got out of his car to try and reason with her only to be knocked out cold. She has since been charged with ABH and notice is being served on the tenant.

Although the cases sound weirdly funny , it is also obviously a tragic tale. It can be very challenging when family, friends or ex-lovers are also your tenant, because personal history can make it difficult for you to deal effectively with any problems should they arise. That is where we, as a Letting Agent, can help with the managing of the property whereby all contact with the tenant is through ourselves and thereby saving you from any awkward situations.

For more information on our services please contact us.
Tel: 01782 478 444 Email; stoke-on-trent@belvoirlettings.com




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