The Trouble with Management

17 04 2013

Anyone who has had to manage a let themselves will know the hard work which goes into keeping a property in great condition, making sure to inspect the property regularly and protect the property and the landlord through prompt action to organise repairs.

Property management isn’t just about reacting quickly to solving problems cost effectively. It’s about taking a proactive approach on your behalf.

Have a look at some of the issues that we, Belvoir, had to deal with in the past. Some of these, will make you smile…..

We had a tenant turn up at one of our offices in their pyjamas wanting us to change a light bulb. Having politely explained this was not our responsibility the tenant hired an electrician and sent us the bill!

In Wrexham, on meeting a tenant for a viewing, much to our surprise they were accompanied by a horse. Assuming the horse would remain outside, the door was opened. However, it became clear the potential tenant believed as ‘pets were allowed’ the horse could view too! If this story reminds you of a man trying to board a train with a white horse, then you would be right – they are one and the same!

Sometimes a multilingual approach is required to overcome problems such as the one set by a French tenant who thought they couldn’t get any hot water because they assumed the ‘C’ on the tap stood for ‘Chaud’- and therefore didn’t try the other tap labelled ‘H’.

Another tenant keen on cleanliness decided to wash the artificial coals on the gas fire but replaced them incorrectly leading to the gas fire being condemned by the gas engineer called to fix it!

At Belvoir, if we manage your property, we take tenant issues in our stride.




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