Last but definitely not least :(

22 02 2013

Last but not least, our number three property problem:

Burst pipes or a fire

These are probably the worst types of problem for you and the tenant. Firstly, the problem needs to be fixed and typically this can be done via your buildings insurance. Anything of yours in the property should be replaced via insurance. Anything the tenant has should be replaced via their own insurance.
f the house is uninhabitable you don’t necessarily have a duty to provide other accommodation, but you will have to suspend rental payment until it is habitable. This is when opting for full management can be worth its weight in gold. If you have insurance through Belvoir, this is especially the case as it can help pay for everything to be organised, even short term accommodation.

Don’t forget that managing properties yourself is often fine until things go wrong and when an emergency occurs, full management pays for itself over and over again. Your Belvoir office will always do their utmost to help get the problem fixed quickly and cost effectively.

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