How to handle a “domestic” situation…..

11 01 2013

Hello All,
to follow on from our previous post, here are a few more cases of “domestics” we had to deal with in the last few days. If we continue at this rate, we will write a book for Relate 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend.

I have one joint landlord who has asked for payments to be made direct to his bank account. However the other joint landlord has phoned to advise that they are separating and that he has moved to South Africa. What should we do?
I think you will need to hold onto the monies until such a time that they come back with a joint agreement or a court decides on how the money should be spilt.

Just been made aware that the police knocked down a door in an apartment we manage. Exboyfriend thought there was a problem, she might have died in the property. Instead she was away in hospital. Police say they were justified, the tenant says they are not responsible.
Sadly the landlord will have to repair this under his repairing obligations. He should consider approaching his insurance company. They may not cover this, but if they do before he claims he should consider any excess and the affect on the claims record and future premiums.

I have a tenant who is looking to move in a Russian non English speaking wife. However she has no paperwork and does not have an English bank account so therefore what is the best route to take? I assume as a permitted occupier?
I would agree with the wife being included on the tenancy as a permitted occupier. If the husband and his wife spilt up it is easier for the husband to deal with.




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