How’s it been going?

7 12 2012

Belvoir will be releasing a new five-year analysis of rental data, revealing the full extent of the credit crunch on the Buy to Let (BTL) market at national, regional and county levels,
Dorian Gonsalves commissioned Kate Faulkner to undertake an in-depth analysis of average advertised rents from Belvoir offices across the UK. The study reveals that since 2008 average UK rents have fallen by almost 2.4%

The report confirms that a tenant’s perspective, renting represents good value for money. with rents moving in line with wages rather than inflation. However, investment landlords have been able to benefit from attractively low rates, enabling them to manage the cash flow of investment properties, even though rents have not risen much during the last five years.

“Belvoir’s five-year rental index is an important and definitive study, which crucially and unlike many other studies, has been tracking data since March 2008 – six months after the credit crunch started.” said Dorian.

“This report is very much aimed at helping landlords and tenants understand the rental market and how it is currently operating right across the UK rather than in pockets of London and the South East. We also hope that the Belvoir rental index, which will be released on a monthly basis, will assist government bodies in understanding the market and enable them to incorporate this information into their policy and decision making processes.”




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