Can we use our office keys…..

2 11 2012

Hello from an ever-increasing cooler Stoke-on-Trent 😦

Here are some more of our Questions and Answers from our legal team.


A gas check is overdue, tenant not responding can we give the keys to the engineer?


No you should not release keys without the tenants permission. However, you should write to the tenant explaining the position and I suggest you copy this to the local authority.


Tenant went away for bank holiday. On her return found that the door had been boarded up. A neighbour was concerned because had not heard or seen tenant, was so worried and called the police. Police could not get an answer so kicked the door in! Who should pay for this landlord or tenant?


I would suggest that the responsibility lies with the landlord under Section 11 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 repairing obligation. I cannot see this being the fault of the tenant unless she was in cahoots with the next door neighbour. I would advise that you maybe able to claim such monies off the police although from experience this can be very time-consuming. 


A mortgage company has insisted on a clause within a tenancy agreement for the tenant to be liable for the mortgage arrears of the landlord. Is this possible?


I would suggest that this would fall foul of the Unfair Terms of Consumer Regulations. I cannot see how anyone would think it is fair for the tenant to be liable for any mortgage arrears of the landlord especially if the tenant has paid their rent in accordance with the tenancy agreement.




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