Thrown out without even his shoes……

16 10 2012

A landlord who threw a tenant out on the streets without his shoes when he failed to pay his rent has been jailed for unlawful eviction.
The Landlord forcibly evicted his tenant after he ran up £900 of arrears on his rental property in Sheffield. He had no court order and recruited a friend to physically push his tenant out.
The Landlord was told by the judge that he tried to ‘dominate and frighten’ his tenant, and was jailed for nine months.
Rental arrears is every Landlord’s nightmare and eviction a further one. Not only is there the distress and time factor but ultimately and obviously the financial concern as well.
There is help at hand…… the form of Rent and Legal Insurance. For a moderate annual fee this insurance will pay the court costs of eviction and pay the rental income whilst eviction is being processed.
We, at Belvoir Stoke, firmly stand behind this insurance. So much so that we will offer any Landlord with a fully managed property with us, who is taking this insurance out through us for the first time, 6 months free of the 12 month policy.
For more information or quotes upon this insurance and any other insurances available then please do not hesitate to contact us.
Tel: 01782 478 444



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