Rent Arrears – Nightmare…

5 10 2012

Half of Landlords (49%) have experienced rental arrears in the last six months and 37% are worried about the likelihood of arrears in the months to come.

The finding emerges in a poll carried out by the National Landlords Association.

There is an increase in Tenants who, having been served Section 21 or 8 notices to vacate due to rent arrears, are staying in properties until the court bailiffs arrive. We are experiencing an ever-increasing amount of Tenants being advised to remain in their properties past the end of the Section Notices until court action has been taken against them to evict them from the property.

This is a costly and time-consuming process for any Landlord and/or their agent.

There is help in hand available with the costs in the form of Rent & Legal Insurance which covers the cost of eviction if needed.

For more information or a quotation please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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