How are you as a Landlord affected by Data Protection?

2 10 2012

As a Landlord, you have access to a lot of information about your tenant. You hold information about their full names, previous addresses, finances and, if they have a guarantor, you also hold their information too. As such, it is important to bear in mind the rules and regulations regarding Data Protection.

Ideally, make sure the data you hold on tenants is kept in a secure place within your home – perhaps as a password protected file on your computer. In addition, should anyone ask for details on the tenants, then it is important to make sure you are covered by getting the tenants to put in writing that you have their permission to pass on their details.

If you are under full management with Belvoir, the benefit is we take away the responsibility of Data Protection relating to the tenants, but please be aware any information you receive from us must be treated as confidential and not shared with any other party without checking with your Belvoir Agent first.

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