60% plan to expand property portfolios

3 08 2012

In the news – Courtesy of the World Property Group

Six in ten property investors plan to expand their portfolios by the end of the year and of those 84% are planning on purchasing residential investment property, according to specialist mortgage broker Mortgages for Business.

They found of the 60% who want to expand feel mortgage lenders should be doing more to support them.

The majority are planning to purchase more houses and flats by the end of the year, thereby increasing the supply of rental properties to help cater for demand which continues to outstrip supply.

‘Landlord appetite for buying residential property is high. This will support the private rented sector and ease the strain on would be renters chasing too few properties,’ said David Whittaker, managing director at Mortgages for Business.

If you’re a Landlord with a thought for a new investment contact us now and we would be happy to  liaise mortgage advise or give general advise on which areas, type of properties, etc are in demand.

Contact us now, don’t hesitate 🙂

Tel: 01782 478 444       Email: stoke-on-trent@belvoirlettings.com




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