9 07 2012

 Three words can make or break deposit disputes between Landlords and Tenants……inventory, inventory, inventory.

Just as location is a key word in buying a property, inventory is a key word in renting it. 

Disagreements over the condition of property, at the end of a tenancy, is a major reason for disputes arising over how much of the tenant’s deposit should be returned, because Landlords often deduct the cost of cleaning, replacing or repairing household items, furniture and furnishings that tenants say were like that when they moved in.

A good quality inventory with clear photographs – agreed, signed and dated – can overcome all argument about the condition of a property and its contents. What would otherwise be a matter of opinion becomes a matter of fact. 

 When you consider that, according to current Land Registry data, the average property price in Britain is now £225,000, it makes a lot of sense for Landlords to protect their assets with a quality inventory.

If you would like any advice or help in producing an inventory then please do not hesitate to contact us at Belvoir Stoke-on-Trent.

Tel: 01782 478 444




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