Diamond Jubilee….60 years…..

1 04 2012

Congratulations to the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee 🙂

There have been many changes in the last 60 years and here are a few with regards the housing/rental market, just for fun.

We are now building fewer new homes than when the Queen came to the throne. While homes are getting smaller, house prices hav shot up and the mod cons have changed our of all recognition. Never mind having an indoor w/c, we now have them on all floors and within easy stumbling from the bed! 🙂

Perhaps the biggest change of all has been in home ownership. This has more than doubled over the past 60 years, from 32% of all households in England in 1953 to 66% in 2010-11. The Right to Buy scheme in the 1980s was a key driver of the rise, helping to lift owner occupation form 57% in 1981 to 68% in 1991.

However since reaching a peak of 71% in 2003, owner occupation has been declining.

The private rented sector shows the same type of pattern in reverse. The proportion of homes in the private rented sector has fallen by two-thirds since the fifties, from 50% in 1953 to 17% in 2010-11. Over the last decade, however, the private rented sector has been rising again, after being as low as 10% in 2001.

Another noticeable trend has been the fall of the ‘traditional’ family unit household. The proportion of households in England occupied by married couples has nearly halved since the 1970s from 70% in 1971 to 40% in 2011. Over the same period, the proportion of single person households in England has risen from 19% in 1971 to 33% in 2011. Obviously we are a nation that likes our own space 🙂

Single person households are projected to replace married households as the most common form of household over the next decade.

No matter whether you’re a single person, family or a couple,e contact us to see if we can help you in finding you a new home.

Tel: 01782 478 444  Email:stoke-on-trent@belvoirlettings.com

Resources compiled from a number of sources by Lloyds RSB




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