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13 01 2012

Implications of the Flood and Management Act 2010

 In the November 2011 legal help line report there was a question about this Act and what the changes in legislation mean to us in the Lettings sector. 

 The requirement under section 45 of the Act will be to provide the relevant Water Authority with details of the tenant when they move into the property so that the provider knows this is a let property and who the tenant is.  Failure to comply will render the landlord liable to pay the charges if the tenant defaults.  We at Belvoir Stoke already supply this information to utility companies and will therefore not fall foul of the legislation.

 However section 45 does state ‘The owner must arrange for the undertaker to be given information about the occupiers’ which could imply that more information about the tenant may be required.  Whilst the Act has received Royal Ascent section 45 has not yet received a commencement order which means that as yet we do not have any further details.

We will update our blog if we receive any further information with regards this.

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