Over 90% of tenants want Housing Benefit paid direct to Landlord..

19 09 2011

9 out of 10 social housing tenants want housing benefit paid direct to landlords or their agents, new research shows, despite plans in the Welfare Reform Bill that will see it paid to tenants.

Ministers believe that by paying the benefit directly to tenants it will breed responsibility and will also make it easier for claimants to move into work, removing the complications fo having to cancel different benefits from different agencies.

However, work conducted by research consultancy Policis, as part of a national survey of 1,000 social housing tenants drawn from three of the country’s leading housing associations shows that:

* 93%  believe it is better for housing benefit to be paid direct to landlords/or agent.

* 54%  feel that being paid benefits monthly would make it more difficult to manage their money and keep on top of commitments.

* 35% say that they are not confident they would be able to keep up their rental payments.

* 80% say Government’s proposals to pay housing benefit direct to tenants is a “bad idea”.

The overwhelming majority of social housing tenants would prefer to have their housing benefit paid direct to their landlord/or agent so that they felt secure in their home.




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