Landlords maximise your rental return.

27 07 2011

Maximising your annual rental return and achieving a good profit on your investment involves more than merely increasing the amount of rent you’re asking for with the hope that your tenant will agree to pay it.

Yes, rental properties are in high demand, but no, that doesn’t mean premium profits are guaranteed without planning ahead to make sure your investment property achieves its full potential…
Investing in the right property is the initial step in making a successful profit.
Research the local area to make sure that there is sufficient demand for the type of property you are looking to buy, plus make sure the purchase price allows for a good rental return and potential capital growth on resale.
Ask yourself the following questions:
• Is there a high demand for this type of rental property?
• Will the achievable rent cover the mortgage?
• Is the property likely to go up in value?
• Is there room for negotiation on the price?
In a market currently flooded with properties for sale and few buyers financially able to commit (plus many homeowners unable to move as they can’t sell their own properties), it is likely you will be in a strong position to negotiate.
Belvoir Stoke-on-Trent will be able to advise you on purchasing a buy-to-let property and this advice will be impartial and completely free. Contact us on 01782 321400 or email





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