Tenant Eviction…..Nightmare!!!

12 05 2011

Recently we have been approached by two private Landlords who had rented out their properties without the aid of an agent, with no formal tenancy agreement in place. Unfortunately both these Landlords, one having rented to a family member and one to a tenant on benefits, were struggling with their tenants being in rent arrears and refusing to vacate the properties. These Landlords contacted us for legal advice and this week we have successfully helped one of them in getting possession of the property without the need of going to court and for the other we managed to negotiate the re-housing of the tenant to more suitable accommodation, working with the local authorities and thereby, again, getting possession for the Landlord.

We sincerely hope that you or someone you know is not experiencing a similar situation but if so, please contact us if you are in need of some legal advise and guidance. Our legal team, together with our experience on these matters, means that we have so far, successfully managed to gain possession of any property, without the need of having to go to court and therefore avoiding large legal costs for the Landlords.

Evicting tenants is a nightmare no one wants to go through but we could help you…




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