The Digital Switch-over

9 03 2011

 Transmission of analogue television services has completely ceased in parts of the country and over the course of the next 18 months or so the rest of the country will follow suit.  The intention is that by the end of 2012 only digital television signals will be broadcast.  Whether or not the Government sticks to the roll out timetable is another matter all together but it may give rise to some questions from landlords or tenants as to who is responsible for the provision of additional equipment including aerials.  The Government has failed to give guidance on this point and if you visit the official switchover website you will find some very general advice. It is quite clear that this advice is aimed primarily at those Landlords with properties in large blocks of flats or who might be responsible for maintaining communal aerial or cable services.  The advice certainly isn’t targeted at those in the rental of individual abodes.

Television has become an “essential” part of life and we feel at Belvoir Stoke that the way forward with this, due to the lack of legal guidance, will be to liaise between Landlords and their tenants, on an individual basis, to come to a compromise that will hopefully go some way towards suiting and fulfilling the expectations on both sides…  🙂




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