Nightmare Neighbour!

2 03 2011

Good Morning to you all.

Here are a selection of questions about neighbour nuisance and the legal view-point regarding them…


I manage a property with a nightmare neighbour. The neighbour constantly complains about the tenants, a previous tenant has already left the property because of her. She is now complaining the existing tenant leaves various objects on the front door step and it is making the area look untidy.


We advise that you have a quiet word with the tenant suggesting it would be better not to give the neighbour an excuse to complain and if possible to arrange for somewhere different for these objects. However, they do not appear to be in breach of any clause of the tenancy. Respond to the neighbour that the tenant is not in breach of the tenancy agreement.


We manage a property where the neighbour climbed into the garden of the property, over the fence to retrieve an item which had come over during a party. The fence is damaged, a foot sized hole in the middle. Our tenant doesn’t like the look of it.


You have confirmed that the tenant does not have a security or safety issue with the damaged fence. It is the neighbour’s fence and without any compelling reason to insist, such as the safety of pets or children, he cannot be forced to repair it.


A distressed tenant has contacted us about the noise her neighbours make. The Landlord for the tenant’s next door has been contacted and they have spoken to their tenants regarding the noise disturbance. Our tenant is a single mother with a young child, and the noisy parties into the early hours and other noise and arguments at all hours are disturbing our tenants sleep. Our tenant has tried to reason with their neighbour, and has mentioned the problem to the police, but is afraid of repercussions.


Suggest your tenant has a word with the local Environmental Health Officer; there are procedures that they can use to help her. She should also let the police know she has taken this action and mention her concern re possible repercussions.


I am aware of a tenant’s right to get the landlord’s name and address. What about the neighbours?


The neighbours have no right to this information. Respond that this information is between you and your client and you do not wish to be in breach of data protection.




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