A Lettings Agency in your pocket

5 11 2010

Searching for a property to rent or attempting to let out your own can be a time-consuming and sometimes stressful experience. However that needn’t be the case now thanks to the award winning lettings specialist, Belvoir Lettings.

Belvoir Lettings, which has an office on Piccadilly Street in Hanley, has this week launched an iPhone application that allows users to call upon the expertise of the agency wherever they are.

The free application, available to download now from the iTunes store, detects the user’s location, shows available properties in that area and even lets the user view the location of the property on a map. The application also allows the user to view photos of the properties, as well as a description, and create a short-list of favourites to revisit at a later time. Other features of the application are; an ‘email to a friend’ option, ‘about us’ page and contact details of the nearest Belvoir office.

 Alejandra Garcia, of Belvoir Stoke-on-Trent, explains how the app can benefit both tenants and landlords. “Over the past few years there has been a shift in how tenants search for properties as much of the research is now done online. I often hear people complaining that they just don’t have time to look for a property which is why this app is so great. It allows tenants to look at properties on the move and act fast if they see something they like.”

It’s an exciting development for landlords as it is yet another way that Belvoir can market their property to potential tenants. It also proves that we are adapting to the needs of the market and can utilise the latest technology to do so. The app is a fantastic piece of software and as well as providing a solution for busy tenants and landlords, it will bolster brand awareness and show we are a modern and evolving company.

Belvoir is continually investing in new ways to help our customers; we’re committed to providing them with the very best service. The iPhone app is one of many great initiatives we are working on to make property searches easier for tenants and market our properties for our landlords in a new and innovative way”, she said.

According to figures recently published by research firm MobileSquared2 the population of iPhone users in the UK could reach 6.4million by the end 2010, making it the perfect platform to host Belvoir’s new tool. The usage of the app will be closely monitored by the company and a roll-out to other smart phones will be considered depending on demand.




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