Stolen car left in one of our managed properties. Who should remove it?

25 08 2010

We have taken on management of a flat which comes with private underground parking. We were informed that the parking space with the flat had an abandoned car on it (this is now going back several months). The management company are useless, they put a seven day removal notice on the car at the beginning of February but now they are saying it cannot be removed as there is a legal process to go through. It is very clear they don’t know what they are doing! I have spoken to the Police who have no interest in the car as it is not stolen but they informed me that as it is private land we have the power to remove it through a proper removal company. Where do we stand on this please?

You could try the council as they often deal with abandoned vehicles. Some of them will come and remove it. If not then the Tort and Interference with Goods Act kicks in and you become and involuntary bailee (left with someone else’s possessions without an agreement about it). You should give adequate notice (up to three months) before removal. If nothing else the council may be able to access the registered keeper details.




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