Landlords, understand property repairs and your responsibilities…

16 07 2010

Hi All,

Sorry it has been a while since our last post. We have put together a few Q&A raised recently by our landlords/property investors. Hope you find this information useful…and Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, just send us an email to

I am led to believe that a Gas Safety Certificate is not required in a new-build house. Do we need to provide any other paperwork to the tenant instead and when will a certificate need to be produced in the future?

That is correct as, hopefully, all necessary testing is done on installation. A diary note should be made to arrange the usual gas safety test on the anniversary of the installation date and annually thereafter. The tenant does not need to have paperwork until the first annual test is due but, to save any misunderstanding, you should inform them of the situation and the reason for your action.

We have a property were there is a poor TV signal. Is the landlord obliged to sort this out?
No the landlord is not obliged to sort this out but it may help keep the tenant happy and staying longer term if the landlord sorts it out. Also an unhappy tenant is more likely to complain or leave early, causing re letting fees and void costs far exceeding an improved TV system.

We had a tenant call us with an electrical problem. The engineer attended and said it was just one of the fuse wires blown (yes we mean a fuse). Is this the tenant’s responsibility or the landlords?
To be honest I am surprised the property still has fuses as opposed to RCDs or trip switches. Whilst it would be very reasonable to expect a tenant to reset a switch, taking out a fuse and changing the fuse wire would be beyond a significant percentage of people in modern society. The landlord should have the whole unit changed for a modern one before there are more serious problems. Regarding the blown fuse there may be some blame to the tenant if it was their appliance that blew the fuse but if not the landlord will have to sort it as it as part of the installation for the supply of electricity and comes under section 11 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 repairing obligations.




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