1 06 2010

If the thought of moulting Mastiffs, clawed carpets and smelly settees put you off ever renting your property to pet owners then a new pet friendly lettings partnership may make you think again.

The country’s leading lettings specialist Belvoir, which has an office in Hanley, has teamed up with the UK’s largest dog welfare charity Dogs Trust to support its ‘Lets with Pets’ campaign. The campaign promotes responsible pet ownership for tenants and advises landlords and letting agencies on the financial benefits of a favourable pet-ownership policy.

Belvoir Chief Executive Mike Goddard fully supports the campaign. He explains:
“Landlords who exclude pet owners from their properties are missing out on a large chunk of the rental market as 47% of the population currently own a pet. It makes no business sense for landlords or agencies to reject this large sector. By adopting a pet-friendly approach, they can easily increase demand for their properties and attract long term, responsible tenants.”

Belvoir is the UK’s leading lettings specialist and has a network of over 140 franchises that stretches across the whole of the UK, looking after a property portfolio valued at more than £1 billion.
Its decision to support the ‘Lets with Pets’ campaign couldn’t have come at a better time for Dogs Trust, which in recent months has observed an alarming increase in pet owners forced to give up their pets and move into rented accommodation.

Clare Kivlehan, Dogs Trust Lets with Pets Campaign Manager, says: “Since the recession hit, Dogs Trust has seen a considerable rise in the number of pet owners experiencing difficulties finding privately rented accommodation.

“Our subsequent online survey revealed that 78% of pet owners had experienced difficulties finding rental properties, and over 50% never found suitable accommodation.

“In the past, pet-owners would be forced into home-owning but, in the current economic climate, many can’t afford to buy so we’re seeing an increase in owners reluctantly handing over their dogs to us.”

To address this issue, the partnership is aiming to dramatically increase the number of rental solutions that satisfy landlords, tenants and their animals, and to that end it has compiled the following tips for landlords and pet owning tenants.

Landlords can increase the likelihood of securing a responsible pet owning tenant by:
• Treating each case separately – Every pet is different so speak to prospective tenants about their pet before you decide what to do. You may also wish to meet it first.
• Asking for a reference from a previous landlord. This can reassure you that a pet is well behaved. An example reference can be found at
• Checking if you own a leasehold property. If so, you need to check that your lease allows pets in the property.
• Establishing a pet policy – If pet permission is granted you need to include a clause in your standard tenancy agreement that refers to the keeping of pets. A sample clause can be found at
• Covering against damage – If you are concerned about pet damage to furniture request a higher deposit or a specific pet payment to clean the property once the tenant and pet have moved out.
And tenants can increase their chances of finding the perfect rental solution for themselves and their pet by:
• Writing a pet CV – Include your pet’s breed, size, age and activity level. Highlight your pet’s history of good behaviour, house training, training classes completed and if your pet is neutered.
• Obtaining a reference from your previous landlord, letting agent or your vet to show your pet is well behaved and capable of living in rented accommodation.
• Offering to pay a larger deposit to cover any potential damage.
• Cleaning – Offer to get the property professionally cleaned when you move out.
• Being flexible on location and property type.
• Starting to search early at least 6-8 weeks before you need to move out.
• Introducing your pet to your landlord to put their mind at ease and make sure you get the permission put in writing.
• Being honest – Don’t sneak your pet in without permission as you could both find yourselves homeless.
• Telling your landlord how often your pet will be left alone. State whether your pet will join you at work, receive day care or mainly be at home with you.
• Stressing that pets can be effective burglar deterrents!

Clare Kivlehan adds: “With over half of pet owners unable to find any suitable rented accommodation they’re forced to either give up their pets, live in unsuitable properties or even keep their pets without their landlord’s consent.

“This clearly is not an ideal situation for either party so we launched our Lets with Pets campaign to help both tenants and landlords work towards a mutually beneficial, practical resolution.”




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1 06 2010
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